Experience The Dark Eye in Discord!

Explore the world of Aventuria digitally, assisted by our Discord Bot

Enjoy your favourite Pen & Paper Game digitally

Wether you play The Dark Eye on a Virtual Tabletop, just in Discord or even physically, our Discord Bot ‘Das Weiße Auge’ will make the game more accessible and helps you to visualize Aventuria.

Throw Dice

Throw Dice in all ways neccessary for The Dark Eye! Wether it be 1d6, 3d20, or a simple coinflip 1d2!


Playcards in Discord

Wether you want to check the stats of a Weapon, or the Details of a Special Ability, Playcards help visualising Details in a compact way!

Optolith Hero Import

Use your Optolith Heroes in Discord. Do Talent Checks with a simple command, and view your Heroes in Discord!


Use your Optolith Heroes for Checks

Scary Monster shows up? Do a quick Attribute Check with !ac COU. Want to sneak around? Check with !sc Stealth

Check any Attribute Combination

To support Homebrew Talents and all Spells, you can also check for Attributes instead!



Special thanks goes to Lukas Obermann and the countless Helpers for creating the amazing Optolith Tool and digitizing the The Dark Eye Data.

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